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About . . .VIDAL GRAU

This is a great place to give more details about us, as Vidal Grau. I could give profesional information about the company. I could also include a list of our favorite things.

The Past Of Vidal Grau

The origins of VIDAL GRAU go back to 1953, when it was known as SOYMA, working on premises in the city of Valencia where it produce small centre tubles with a metal structure. In 1963 the firm moved to the town of Benimamet and the trade name was changed to Hierros Artisticos Vidal. At that time its production was varied and consisted of metal and wooden furniture with advantaced design.
The actual business status dates back to 1974, when the Betera production plant was built and the company name was definetly changed to VIDAL GRAU MUEBLES.

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